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Getting Started

Choose a plan on GitHub Marketplace

  1. Open GitHub Marketplace.
  2. Click “Set up a plan” and choose a plan. To try out Leanboard, choose the free plan for public repositories. You can later switch to a paid plan that includes private repositories. A summary of your order displays.
  3. Under “Billing information” choose the account you are connecting to LeanBoard.

    Plans and installations are per account (organization or personal) and must be purchased individually for each account.
  4. Click “Complete order and begin installation”.

Install LeanBoard

  1. Set repository access. If you grant access to “All repositories” you can create boards for all repositories in your GitHub account. To create a board for select repositories only, choose “Only select repositories” and enter the names of the repositories you are granting access to.
  2. Set permissions. There are two required permissions: (1) Read access to metadata is required to list the issues you can connect your board to. (2) Read and write access to issues is required for including links and the board’s image in your issue. Access to code is not required.
  3. Click “Install” to start installation. GitHub may ask for your password to confirm the installation.

Sign in to LeanBoard

After installation of the LeanBoard GitHub app, verify your identity on GitHub with your personal GitHub user. This allows you to log into app.leanboard.io.

Click on “Authorize LeanBoard”. You are redirected to the app.

Create your first board

Create New Board

On app.leanboard.io there is an initial dialog with a button to "Create new board". After you have created boards, this dialog will display all your existing boards.

Choose Type of Board

Choose the type of board to create. At this time you can only choose "Issue Board". In future versions there will be other types of boards.

Choose a Repository

A list of your repositories displays. Choose the repository you want to connect your board to.

Choose an Issue or Create a New Issue

Choose an existing issue or create a new issue to connect your board to. To create a new issue, enter a board title. The board title will also be the issue title.

Add Cards

Add cards by double-clicking anywhere on the board.